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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Long way to go for Being Bullish in Nifty

hi friends,

Nifty trading at 5800+ does it all look jolly and gear up to crsoss 6k mark, wel i dont think so the downsidfe is yet to come thats what i feel.Its only the index based script which are a bit outperforming the market and that is obious because when market moves up they move up and when markets come down they are the first ones to come down!!

Important :- midcaps stocks are yet to have a roll in market they have not participated in any kind of rally from 5200 benchmark to 5800 benchmark not appreciated even 10% so keep a close eye on them and start doing cherry picking when nifty breaches 5400 level once again

Monday, February 28, 2011



i have a strong feeling that nifty will breach 4800 levels ie 500 points downside from the current levels. Yesterday inspite of dramatic spike in the nifty by almost about 150 points it was not able to hold up which it should have if it was to be a bull run all way long, but unfortunately markets tumbled and was in free fall zone and crashed all its gain and just closed with mere 30 odd points of gain for the day.
so my advice would be to wait for sometime before entering into the market because one will easily get the stocks at much more attractive valuations than what they appear now.


Sunday, February 13, 2011

ARSS Infrastructure Projects Ltd

533163 ARSSINFRA Group (B) BSE

currently trading at:- 565.90

buy call: around 400-450
Target:- 700,1000,1500

Duration: 6-24 months

Arss infrastructure it came into the market last year with an great opening by giving its IPO subscribers almost 50% gains in just 6 months with coming at listing price of about 650, and reaching highs of 1500 in no time. But because of the fall in the market and continuous rising interest rates the inra group whole bunch has taken a toll and result is we are getting rates of infra at such prices that we cant imagine(guess most are life tiem lows),infact for time being just avoid buying infra stocks and wait for the nifty to touch 5k levels, one we touch 5k level, i am sure there would be further discount on the infra stocks at what they are currently in the market and then these stocks would perfectly be justified value picks out of which ARSS could be the outperformer.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Gangotri Textiles

Gangotri Textile Ltd.

521176 GANGOTEXQ Group (B) BSE

Currently trading at:- 6.91

Buy call at range of :- 5.5 to 6.20

Target:- 8.5

Duration :- 3-6 months

Strict Stop loss:-5.0

A small gem finally turning wheels on with first time its EPS turning in green looks like company has long way to go,a hidden gem in small sector and appreciation of almost 40% from current level is certainly on cards according to its chart pattern, instead of buying other risky companies in market its definately worth to take risk at this one with very minimal chances of going low from current levels, please maintain a strich stop loss of 5.0 which is 52 week low levels and taregt it for 8.5 to 9 for next 6 months

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Oil And Natural Gas Corporation Ltd.

current trading at :- 1325

target:1600 before bomus and split

after split target 400,450

Hi, ONGC is about to announce special dividend of about 1000% and also stock split is going to happen in ratio 1:2 or 1:4.Buy immediately to enjoy the profits.And because of ONGC bonus the nifty can be seen trading in green becasue ONGC helps nifty push some points up.A safe bet in oil and gas sector atleast for short term,irrespective of market condition.



Hindustan Construction Company Ltd.

currently trading:- 44.55

target: 60,80,100

duration 2 years

hi guys HCC fair value at current jucture is between 35-45 but the reason for the hype of this counter is because of main promotor of "LAVASA CITY" in pune.Because of the constraints in opening of LAVASA project and money scam HCC took a real pounding from 100 levels to almost 50% downside adn touched as low as 37.But i am still confident of this counter and i am expecting that the problem of LAVASA wil be sorted out in time to come,so if people are looking for a script in reality sector with minimum duration of 1-2 years.He can buy this in numbers and enjoy the benefit,becz once LAVASA project is on the counter is expected to 150+ in future.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

JVL Agro Industries Ltd.

currently trading at:-33

target :- 40,50,60

duration 3-6 months

The result for this quarter has immensely impressed and future looks to be really good for this counter.this script has reachd around 46 few weeks back but then entered in to correction mode and now its actually fairly reasonably priced.Once can start accumulating at current price.The downside looks very low from here as the script had already corrected.But still for the ones who are interested in numbers 25 can be taken as a stop loss for this counter.Definately a good bet in agro field.


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Reality sector to see huge boom in coming years

The market is now very cruel on the realit sector because the first sell off is seen in reality sector.Stocks like DLF,unitech have already suffered a pounding and have corrected almost 30-40% after reaching anew high and they are even expected to correct more.Right now it would be really wise to exit from the reality sector since market is expected to correct 10-15% from current levels.Once nifty touhes 4800 level once can go ahead and enter into the reality sector for 1 year term.The average return would be more than 50 if one does an holding for 1 year.ALso try to figure out the companies which have huge land as the prices of land would roar up 2-3 years from now.

cheers guys